What is a Hands Free Orgasm?

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What is a hands free orgasm and how can it be achieved through erotic hypnosis?


Experiencing an orgasm without touching yourself is nothing you can learn or achieve just overnight. It actually takes a lot of practice to really feel the sensations within your body.

 In most cases, our body is used to receive an orgasm during sex, masturbation, stimulation of the penis (or prostate) or any other „physical“ stimulation, like using a vibrator. Achieving an orgasm without this kind of stimulation ist not a natural erotic experience for men or women, BUT you always have to keep in mind that all this kind of physical stimulation is just a trigger, that triggers our orgasms.


How to achieve a hands free orgasm?

Many people use porn, other erotic materials or sexual fantasies to stimulate their brain and subconscious mind. But while watching sex-movies can help someone (especially male customers) to „let go“ – they still need masturbation in oder to cum and reach climax by their own hands.


So what can be done to reach a hands free orgasm without touching yourself?
The answer to this is quite simple: Through erotic hypnosis or special ASMR techniques, hands free orgasms can be reached fairly easily, after learning the essentials (breathing exercises, relaxing techniques, preventing distractions etc) a small amount of practice. That’s why hypnosis, ASMR and hands free orgasms are very closely connected to each other. When you browse the internet, you will find a large collection of youtube-videos that use erotic hypnosis or ASMR hypnosis in order to achieve hands free orgasm.


And it really works!


Aside from that, an erotic hypnosis session, for example, can also influence the duration of your orgasm. Just imagine that your orgasm, as soon as it happens, continues on. Your mind will simply feel not one, but multiple orgasms, one after the next. For most people this is a very intense feeling, but also extremely satisfying experience. It’s simply letting you get so extremely horny and aroused that the sensations of your orgasm are much more intense than a regular orgasm.


And it doesn’t matter if you are male or female. Women can use erotic hypnosis in order to receive multiple orgasms and achieve what every woman dreams of – the actual sexual fulfillment that they have been dreaming of.

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