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Erotic ASMR Hypnosis and Hands Free Orgasms

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During the past months, ASMR videos have become a more and more popular trend on YouTube. These videos may seem strange in the beginning – whispering women, who cut soap, rub their hands, crinkle foil or comb their hair?

ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

What is ASMR and how does it feel?

ASMR Videos can cause a pleasant, tingling sensation. It could be compared with goosebumps, that last much longer and feel more relaxing. This comfortable tingling usually starts on your scalp and then slowly spreads down your neck, along your spine to then flow throughout your body.

Typical ASMR triggers are soft whispers, calming hand movements, the crinkling of various materials or other calming sounds.

The most important thing: Headphones!

To enjoy the sensations to their full extend, you should wear headphones during all ASMR sessions. Only then the effect can unfold its full potential.

Does ASMR work for you?

Whispers. Tapping. Brushing. Crinkling.

Find out which ASMR Triggers are the right ones for you!

The following Video by WhisperRed ASMR lists 21 ASMR Sound Triggers (no Talking). Included are triggers like Brush Sounds / Hair Brushing, Crinkles, Scratching, Velcro, Ceramic Tapping, Lipstick Sounds, Ear Cupping, Wooden Bristle Brush Tapping and Scratching, Towel Folding, Pebbles in a Pot, Silicone Sheet, Shifting Powder, Bubble Wrap Crinkles, Ear Brushing, Cardboard Tub Tapping, Sticky Fingers, Tablet Tapping, Face Massage, Tissue Paper Wrapping, Dummy Head Massage.

Erotic ASMR Hypnosis

More and more hypnodommes are starting to use ASMR elements in their sessions, some even create whole ASMR hypnosis sessions using this effect.

Through this, the depth of the relaxation can be intensified and the trance experience can become even more pleasant. Suggestions can have a more intense effect and come with somewhat of an erotic tingling.

Of course, using this technique can also have an effect on the intensity of a hands free orgasm hypnosis. By using ASMR, the experience can be much more personal, stronger and deeper than a typical HFO hypno session.

Do you have any experience with hands free orgasm hypnosis including ASMR or ASMR elements?
Feel free to share your favorite sessions in the comment section!

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