Hands Free Orgasm with 2 Women

Hands Free orgasm Hypnosis

Last Updated on 3. April 2019 by Sam

This new session by Dark Freya is two in one:
A wonderful relaxing beach fantasy and an intense forced hands free orgasm!

Perfect for rough day, this session will definitely clear your mind of any negative thoughts or stress. You are invited to visit Dark Freya’s blissful beach and get to meet two of her beautiful slave girls. After an unbelievably realistic feeling hypnotic blowjob, you will be forced to cum, as a price you have to pay for being allowed to visit this wonderful place. But hey, that’s a price I’m more than willing to pay!

This HFO hypnosis was absolutely amazing. The entire fantasy felt extremely real and was very well pictured. The “forced” hands free orgasm was intense and lasted much longer than I expected.


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