Fractionated by Dark Freya (free)

Fractionated by Dark Freya

Last Updated on 12. February 2018 by Sam

Dark Freya’s erotic hypnosis session „Fractionated“ is probably the best beginner session I have listened to so far. First of all, it’s free! There’s nothing worse than buying a file from an unknown hypnotist and finding out afterward that you just can’t relax to that person’s voice or hypnosis style.. Second of all….. this file makes me drop deep and lose all control every single time I listen to it! The recording is very simple and clear. No distractions. Just a sexy and soft voice pulling you deeper and deeper. Rendering you powerless and unable to resist. Love it!

If you enjoyed this files and would like to go ahead and try one of her hands free orgasm session, I’d recommend going with “Surrender to Her“. Mhhhh… you will not regret it! 😉


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