Hypnotic Chastity through Erotic Hypnosis

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The hypnotic Chastity Belt – One size fits all!

Erotic hypnosis is a great way to experience much more intense orgasms. However, it is also possible to achieve exactly the opposite effect: Chastity.

The idea of living chaste (or having a chaste partner) is quite exciting and often very arousing to many people, especially in dominant/submissive relationships. Usually, female & male chastity is accomplished through discipline or simply through access denial (actual chastity belts). The market for chastity belts is endless and ranges from metal/steel and plastic chastity belts to cock cages made completely out of silicone, all depending on your personal preference. Erotic hypnosis basically allows you to wear an invisible but very effective chastity belt – Plus: It fits all shapes and sizes!

What is hypnotic Chastity?

Depending on the person and website the term hypnotic chastity is often used interchangeably with “orgasm control” or “cock control”. These categories can be very similar, but the main effect of chastity hypnosis is to make you refrain from sexual activity. This can range from not having sex, to no masturbation or not even having the ability to get an erection.

There are hundreds of erotic chastity hypnosis sessions out there, on YouTube, inraptured, nightflirt, clips4sale, erotic-hypnosis.com, sensual mistress and whatever other sites there may be by now. Many hypnodommes add somewhat of a story line to their hypnosis recordings and combine chastity with other suggestions, like cock control or jerk off instructions (JOI), for example. In the end, it’s all up to what you are into…

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