Inside Out – Blissful Hands Free Climax

Inside Out Amethyst Hands Free Orgasm

Last Updated on 12. August 2018 by Sam

Inside Out by Mistress Amethyst is a sensual and seductive treat that might take a little preparation, as it includes 3 triggers (Deep, Down & Lust) that you should probably look up first before being able to fully enjoy this session – But it’s worth it.

Her conversational induction style really drew me in and almost felt like a calm casual, close conversation. However, I can’t really describe what happened afterward. It’s a fairly blurred memory her soothing, mind penetrating voice leading me to more and more pleasure, increasing my arousal more and more.. ending in an intense hands free orgasm. Simple but effective. Will listen again!

Couldn’t find a video, but you can listen to a free sample here:


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