Mistress Amethyst – Countdown to Eruption

Training for Hands Free Orgasm

Last Updated on 5. March 2018 by Sam

I recently reviewed a Level 1 Eruption file from Mistress Amethyst: “Eruption – Mind Fuck Mantra” and would like to make her second level the feature for this month: “Countdown to Eruption“. I have recently purchased it, but haven’t had a chance to listen to it really. Review coming soon!

This file does not include a hands free orgasm either, but is described as an erotic hypnosis that will slowly train you to achieve one. Level one simply programs you for the trigger, while level two uses jerk off instructions together with the trigger to eventually bring on your orgasm and timing it with Mistress Amethyst voicing the trigger.

After you have successfully managed to orgasm at the point of her counting down to the trigger, you start using less and less touch until you finally have a completely hands free orgasm. After that, lots of HFO fun with level 3 sessions! ūüėČ

No video, but audio sample here.

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