Problems achieving a Hands Free Orgasm?

Tipps for achieving a hands free orgasm!

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How to have a Hands Free Orgasm

If you’ve tried multiple erotic HFO hypnosis sessions that promise a hands free orgasm but you just can’t seem to actually experience one, it can be quite frustrating. There are a few points however that you should be aware of and keep in mind whenever you try again next time.

Are you trying too hard?

Maybe your approach or your understanding of hands free orgasms and how to achieve one is not completely correct. You should not expect the experience to be anything like having an orgasm you achieve through sex or regular masturbation. Trying to get there faster by stimulating yourself harder or more intense is something that will only work for traditional orgasms. Trying to force yourself to finally have a hands free orgasm will never work. You will need to forget about your usual routine of masturbation and have an open mind for this new and completely different sexual experience.

Relax. Practice makes perfect.

In order to have a HFO, you will need to calm down and take it slow. Mastering the practice of a hands free climax is something that needs practice. So don’t expect immediate success and don’t be disappointed if it takes you a bit longer than expected. You will have to focus and learn more about your own body & mind and how they respond to stimulation.

Stop thinking about your Penis!

You will also need to learn that orgasms are not limited to your penis. There’s much more erogenous parts of your body other than your penis. Your nipples. Your prostate. And of course, the most important: your mind. The key to achieving a hands free orgasm is the combination of arousal and visualization. Once you’ve understood and realized this, you’re on the best way to your first hypnotic orgasm.

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Learn about different HFO Methods.

It can also be beneficial to read up on different types or ways to achieve a hands free orgasm. Erotic hypnosis is the most popular way, but there are many other options. Erotic breathing, nipple stimulation, prostate massage, flexing PC muscles, erotic ASMR are just some examples of options that you could try to support you in practicing.

Share your own experience and maybe even some of your tipps in the comment section below!

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