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Last Updated on 9. May 2018 by Sam

This month I’d like to highlight erotic hypnosis by ViVe. On his website – – he has a large collection of all kind of hypnosis sessions for men and women, usually offering two different types of inductions for each file.

Some of the most interesting erotic hypnosis MP3 I found on there:

  • Five for One: After this orgasm control hypnosis, you will have to give a person of your choice five orgasms before you will be able to have one yourself.
  • Cuckold: In this cuckold fantasy hypnosis, you will only get to watch as your girlfriend is having a nice evening with someone else.
  • Fireworks String: After this erotic trigger hypnosis, you will get aroused whenever you see or hear fireworks. Your arousal ill increase more and more with every single time.
  • Limp & Wood: As the titles suggest… These hypnosis recordings will either take away your ability to get an erection or causes you to get constantly harder and harder.
  • Forget a Book: Something completely different – This erotic hypnosis allows you to forget the story and all thoughts you had about a certain book of your choice. Allowing you to read it again for “the first time”.
  • Invisible Servant: Another interesting fantasy… Becoming the perfect submissive servant, but staying completely unrecognized. You will serve them as good as you can, but will never expect anything in return. You will be treated as if you were non-existent.
  • Magic Panties: An erotic feminization that will cause you to experience female genitals whenever you wear female underwear. There’s two versions of this file, one of them will make it impossible to get an erection while wearing feminine underwear, to increase the effect of this hypnosis.

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