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Last Updated on 10. December 2018 by Sam

I haven’t been on in a while… But of course, just after I posted my article about hypnotic chastity, I find two new erotic hypnosis sessions by Mistress Amethyst that cover exactly this topic: Feed the Fire & Stroke the Flame – Which may be a tempting new chastity hypnosis series from her..? Both files are full of wonderful tease and denial play…

Dark Amethyst – Intense FemDom Hypnosis on a new Level…

What else did I find? A ton of new and intense erotic hypnosis MP3 from her new alter ego “Dark Amethyst“.

The darker side of Amethyst is focussing on “darker topics” and recordings with much more intense femdom sessions including much stronger domination, more humiliation, degradation and even financial domination, compared to her original site, which didn’t really dive to deep into these topics.

Before, she actually stated multiple times that she is refusing requests for any form of humiliation hypnosis. Apparently, the demand for humiliating and degrading files was fairly high, though, and requests piled up more and more. So she decided to change her mind.

What are your favorite Dark Amethyst Sessions?

Her collection of darker femdom & fetish hypnosis recordings is growing steadily. Here’s a few that caught my attention:

Black Out – Installs a trigger that drops you into the deepest levels of trance, helpless and completely open to her brainwashing.

Beta Cuck – A cuckold hypnosis including strong humiliation and degradation. This session will make sure you understand that you are only a weak, inferior and worthless cuckold.

Showered in Dominance – This session focusses on one of the more difficult to find topics: Golden Showers / Piss Play. In this BDSM fantasy hypnosis, you will get to feel what your place is – the slave, whore & toilet of your mistress.

If you have any suggestions or Dark Amethyst favorites, feel free to share them in the comment section and maybe I’ll go ahead and purchase & download one myself to post a review.

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