Lesbian Seduction – My new favorite

HFO Hypnosis for men and women - Lesbian Seduction

Last Updated on 5. December 2018 by Sam

Last week, I finally got to listen to Dark Freya’s fantasy orgasm hypnosis “Lesbian Seduction – For Men” and I must say… It might be one of my new favorites!

It’s actually the male version of a hypnosis that originally was made for women. Through this version, male listeners can slip into the position of a woman and experience the situation as an actual female would. I very much enjoyed the soothing induction and detailed descriptions in the beginning as I, as a woman, found myself at a bar, slowly being seduced by another woman… mysterious, dominant woman… I would have never thought that this experience could feel so realistic and intense.

If you are looking for a hot erotic hypnosis that includes a mindblowing orgasm, without any other posthypnotic suggestions or triggers or anything to over complicate things… get this one!

Also, if there are any women out there reading this, feel free to share your experience as an actual woman as well. You can find the female version at Erotic-Hypnosis.com/lesbian-seduction/

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