Mistress Surrender – Darkly addictive HFO Hypnosis…

HFO hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Last Updated on 27. April 2023 by Sam

Erotic Hypnosis leading to your inevitable Surrender

I recently came across a free hypnosis by Mistress Surrender on YouTube, that caught my attention… It was truly relaxing and wonderful to listen to… Of course, I wanted more!

After some googling, I was able to find her website – HypnoSurrender.com – and more information about her hypnosis. One of the main reasons I would like her to be the feature this month is that she has a separate line of intense hands free orgasm / HFO training sessions. I have not listened to all of them yet, but more reviews will be coming soon.

Here is a rough outline of some of her hands free orgasm sessions:

Surrender – My Love Slave (HFO Level 1): You want to finally be able to experience hands free orgasms? With this erotic series, Lady Surrender will make sure you are trained thoroughly – You will not regret it…

Surrender – My Love Slave (HFO Level 2): Listen to Lady Surrender as she takes total control of your cock. Feel how you become more and more aroused. Your penis throbbing, aching for release.

Craving – Helpless Prey: This HFO hypnosis will leave you longing to feel helpless to a seductive succubus. Longing to become her defenseless prey. She will steal your mind, inscribe her fetishes and command your cock to do as she pleases.

HFO – Black Lace: Dressed in her black lace body stocking, you will be teased and seduced by Lady Surrender’s kisses and her stroking hands, as she takes total control of you and your orgasm.

You can find more of her sessions at hypnosurrender.com/shop/ or at sissysurrender.com

Here’s another one of her free hypnosis videos:

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