What is a Hands Free Orgasm?


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Hands free Orgasm – What is HFO?

Before I start writing about how to have a hand free orgasm and share my own personal experiences, I would like to explain what a hand free orgasm actually is. For this we must first consider what types of orgasms there are.

Different types of Orgasms

  • Orgasm through pure physical stimulation (i.e. Sex or by stroking with your own hand)
  • Orgasm though physical stimulation AND the erotic stimulation of your mind
  • Hands free orgasm: Reaching climax without any kind of physical stimulation – Induced by yourself via self-hypnosis
  • Hypnotic orgasm – Induced by someone else through hypnosis

HFO: Genital Eruption without any physical Stimulation

The word Hands Free Orgasm already explains the basic concept: To have an orgasm without even touching yourself. When it comes to an orgasm, there are two separate factors that play an important role. First is the pure physical stimulation through movement (stroking/rubbing) or penetration. If a person’s genitals are stimulated long enough, he or she will reach climax after a certain amount of time.

The second part – and most important thing – is our mind. There’s a great difference between having an orgasm through only physical stimuli and having an orgasm through your mind.

Usually, when people masturbate, they will start thinking about things – people, fetishes, or situations that turn them on – if they find and focus on that one thing that arouses them to the point, that it brings them over “the edge, they will probably not only cum, but will have a very intense and pleasurable orgasm.

Just imagine the following: You are stroking yourself with your hand and are trying to think about absolutely nothing, or maybe about something completely non-sexual. Usually nothing would happen – and if, it would be far less pleasurable. As you can see, our mind plays an important role in this.

So what if you could become so intensely aroused, that – without even touching yourself – you would experience an orgasm only through the power of your mind: hands free orgasm. This kind of sexual hight will be much more intensive than any orgasm you’ve had before.

On this website, I would like to share tipps and my own experiences with hands free orgasms, especially through erotic hypnosis, such as for example femdom hypnosis, one of the best ways to practice and achieve this goal. Important is to find the right hypnotist for you, which can be a little difficult in some cases. But I will write more about all of this in my future posts.


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