HFO – My Love Slave

hands free orgasm programming series

Last Updated on 12. February 2018 by Sam

After I recently discovered Lady Surrender and her free erotic induction “Foundation File“, I was excited to find her HFO training series and immediately got the first part: “HFO Level 1 – My Love Slave“. I have only listened to it twice so far, but I can already feel that it’s a very effective training… I also think this could be a very good way to get started, when you are new to hands free orgasms.

Like with many other hypnosis sessions, repetition seems to be the key in this hands free orgasm training series. You are trained to follow her commands, practicing your stroking and arousal until you orgasm when she commands. Once you are able to orgasm at her command, you start using less and less touch, slowly leading you into hands free orgasms on command.

Other recordings in this series are “HFO Level 2 – Surrender: My Love Slave” and “HFO Level 2 – Succubus: Second Night” – which I have not listened to so far.

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