Surrender – The Foundation File (free)

Free Erotic Hypnosis - Lady Surrender

Last Updated on 12. February 2018 by Sam

Lady Surrender’s free erotic hypnosis and training file “Surrender – The Foundation” is a great introduction to her erotic hypnosis. This extremely relaxing recording can be listened to by itself or used as induction for many of her other Surrender loop hypnosis sessions. It includes a wonderful erotic ASMR whisper track, which – imo – was very seductive and effective. For more samples of her erotic ASMR, I can recommend her short induction: “Surrender – Entranced”, which is also available for free on the page linked above.

It also installs her “Surrender” trigger, which I am looking forward to testing in some of her other recordings.
Reviews of “Surrender : Mindless” and “Surrender : Cock Tease” coming soon ūüėČ

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